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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry

Couple | Dentist in Annapolis MDWhether your anxiety is rooted in a previous bad experience or something else, our goal is to make you feel comfortable in our Annapolis, MD dental office.

Caring Family Dentistry in 21401

At Chesapeake Bay Dentistry, we pride ourselves on making each dental visit a positive experience for you and your family. Children especially love our dental office because our compassionate team works hard to provide a warm environment.

Sedation Dentistry Options

If you or a family member needs a little more, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation.

Nitrous oxide provides a dreamlike feeling or a kind of restful euphoria. It also wears off quickly.

Oral sedation is a pill you take an hour before your appointment. This medication keeps you calm throughout your procedure and after.

If you choose sedation, make sure a friend is available to drive you to and from your appointment. We recommend not making important decisions in the hours following sedation dentistry.

We also provide cozy blankets and soft neck pillows to keep you comfortable while under our care.

Remember, when you’re in our dental office, you are family. If you’re feeling unsure, let us know!

Contact Our Annapolis Dental Office

If you’re looking for a compassionate Annapolis, MD dental team who place the utmost importance on your comfort and relaxation, get in touch with us today.

Woman at Dentist | Sedation Dentistry Annapolis MDOur team works hard to provide pain-free dentistry in Annapolis, MD. We utilize the latest technologies meant to optimize comfort and promote procedure ease.

During root canals, for example, we use rotary endodontics. This technology allows for an easy root canal, and our new patients are often surprised when they experience our technologies and our dentist’s gentle hand. They didn’t expect their procedure to be so relaxing!

Nitrous Oxide in Annapolis

If you have dental phobia or anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation, which keeps you comfortable through even the most invasive dentistry.

Nitrous oxide is a sweet-tasting gas that provides a euphoric or dreamy feeling. Oral sedation is simply a pill you take one hour prior to your procedure. Often, our top Annapolis, MD dentist combines these pain technologies to provide ultimate relaxation for patients who need a little extra.

If you decide on sedation dentistry, it’s important to have a friend drive you to and from your appointment. We also recommend waiting several hours or even a day before making any important life-changing decisions.

You Deserve a Comfortable Dental Experience

At Chesapeake Bay Dentistry, we think patients deserve to feel relaxed at the dentist. Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment with our top Annapolis, MD sedation dentist today.

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