Sedation Dentistry in Annapolis, MD

Dr. Polizois is the gentlest dentist in Annapolis, MD, but he understands that dental anxiety is very real. If you need a boost to stay relaxed and comfortable, the team at Chesapeake Bay Dentistry is here to help.

For some patients, the idea of someone working on their teeth creates anxiety—sometimes extreme anxiety. If this sounds like you, Chesapeake Bay Dentistry is probably the best dental office in Annapolis, MD to see you through your treatments and exams.

Dental anxiety can be rooted in the past. Maybe you had a bad experience with a dentistwoman during sedation dentistry exam in annapolis md or a dental procedure. Perhaps you experienced mouth trauma at some point in your life. Anxiety can result from fear of pain or merely the idea of someone working inside your mouth.

When it comes to relaxation, fortunately, we have you covered.

A Gentle Dentist and Compassionate Team Awaits in 21401

Never hesitate to let us know how you’re feeling, and throughout your treatment, we’ll check in with you to see how you’re doing.

The team at Chesapeake Bay Dentistry wants you to have a memorable dental experience for all the right reasons:

  • Top diagnostics
  • Great outcomes
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Painless procedures

Let us know if you’d like a comfy neck pillow or cozy blanket or if you need a little more to enhance your relaxation.

Nitrous Oxide for Anxiety Ease

Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas and a safe inhaled anesthetic. It has a sweet taste, is nonflammable, and commonly used during dental procedures.

Patients who choose nitrous oxide describe a euphoric, slow, and tranquil feeling throughout their dental treatment or procedure.  

The gas is administered through a small nasal mask, and the effects wear off quickly after the mask is removed.

Calming Begins with Oral Sedationwoman in dental chair in annapolis md

Oral sedation is simply a pill you take an hour before your procedure. This medication produces a calming effect that helps you feel relaxed throughout your dental appointment.

Combination Therapy to Combat the Highest Anxiety

In many cases, Dr. Polizois combines nitrous oxide with medication. This produces the ultimate relaxation, and even patients with the highest anxiety levels have done well with this combination therapy.

Dr. Polizois is excellent at sedation dentistry in Annapolis, MD, and he will discuss sedation options with you to help you decide the best course for the highest levels of relaxation.

After Your Procedure

If you choose sedation dentistry, it is important that a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment. You should also avoid making any life decisions during the hours following sedation dentistry.

At-Home Comfort

Dr. Polizois will discuss best practices to keep you comfortable at home following a procedure. This may include medications. However, most swelling and discomfort following even the most invasive procedures clear up within a few days.

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