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How do I clean my dentures?

Dentures restore bite function and aesthetics, so you want to keep them in top shape. This includes regular dental visits and cleaning your prosthetic daily for the best results.

We recommend using a denture bath sold in your local drugstore. This lidded dish is perfect for overnight soaking in room temperature water. You can also purchase cleaning tablets to add to the denture bath. These tablets help rid your dentures of bacteria.

We also suggest a denture cleaning brush and specialty polish—also sold at your local drugstore. Remember only to use products intended for dentures. Other products can damage your prosthetic or may not clean it effectively.

Another option is to take your dentures to your dentist for a professional cleaning.

You should also talk to our dental team if you notice any issues with your prosthetic, including cracks or loosening.

Ideally, all of the above tips taken together can keep your dentures in excellent shape for longer.

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