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Why do my gums bleed?

close up of periodontal disease in annapolis mdIf your gums are bleeding, our Annapolis, MD dentist wants you to make a dental appointment today!

Bleeding gums can indicate that you’re brushing or flossing incorrectly, but often it signifies a more significant problem.

Bleeding gums is a symptom of periodontal disease, which is a serious infection of the gums that compromises periodontal ligaments, jaw bones, and the stability of your teeth.

Gum health is the foundation of healthy teeth. Gum health also contributes to overall wellness. Too many studies have shown that untreated gum infections lead to systemic problems in the body.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

Other signs of periodontal disease may include:

  • A bad taste in the mouth
  • Swollen gums
  • Periodic or chronic toothaches
  • Loosening teeth

At Chesapeake Bay Dentistry, our dentist treats periodontal disease gently but aggressively. In other words, you’ll be made comfortable during periodontal treatments, but deep cleanings below the gumline and a scheduled maintenance plan will be put into play.

Our periodontal program is research-based, technology-driven, and successful because we are dedicated to your wellness and take a progressive approach to bringing your oral health in line.

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